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Hagan, William Dr

Teaching Fellow

Academic and Professional Qualifications
- 1976: BSc (2:1) Chemistry, University of East Anglia
- 1981:PhD Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Liquid Surfaces, University of East Anglia

Career History
- 2005-present: Teaching Fellow in Chemistry, University of ulster, Coleraine
- 2001-2005: Consultant, Battstat
- 2000-2001: Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Glouster College of Arts and Technology
- 1989-1999: Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, DeMontfort University Chemistry Department

Teaching & Learning Activities

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Interests

Electrochemical power sources and sensors; conservation of inorganic materials; spontaneous potentials in porous materials; neural networks and multivariate analysis in prediction and regression.

Hagan, William Dr


Hagan, William Dr - Publications

Number of items: 9.

McClean, Stephen, McCartan, K, Meskin, Sheryl, Gorges, Beronia and Hagan, William (2016) Reflections on "": An Online Video-Sharing Platform To Engage Students with Chemistry Laboratory Classes. Journal of Chemical Education, 93 (11). pp. 1863-1870.

McClean, Stephen, Gallagher, Alison, Hack, Catherine and Hagan, William (2012) Offering Sound Advice: Exploring the Provision and Delivery of Audio Feedback to Students. In: Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, University of Manchester. Author.

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McClean, Stephen and Hagan, William (2009) Labs, Camera, Action!. UK Centre for Bioscience Bulletin, 27. pp. 9-9.

Hagan, William, Ruddick, J David and McClean, Stephen (2008) Supporting first year chemistry in the biosciences. In: Variety in Chemistry Education, Dublin City University. The Higher Education Academy, UK Physical Sciences Centre.

Hagan, William, McClean, Stephen and Ruddick, David (2006) First year chemistry teaching in health and life sciences degree programmes. In: Challenge and Change in the Higher Education Learning Environment: Process and Practice, Magee Campus, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Ulster University.

McClean, Stephen, Hagan, W. Paul, Ruddick, J. David and Adams, Keith R. (2006) Supporting First-Year Chemistry for Students of Bioscience. In: Supporting Students Though Course Design. (Eds: Cook, Tony, Rushton, Brian S. and Macintosh, Katrina A), Ulster University, Coleraine, UK, pp. 83-97. ISBN N/A

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