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McKenna, Declan Dr

Lecturer in Haematology

Academic and Professional Qualifications

- 1999 Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Queen’s University, Belfast

- 1996 BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, Class 2.1, Queen’s University, Belfast

- 2007 Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice, University of Ulster

Career History

- 2011 Lecturer in Haematology, University of Ulster

- 2008-2011 Research Fellow in Cancer Research, Queen’s University, Belfast

- 2002-2011 E-tutor in Biomedical Sciences, University of Ulster

- 2005-2008 Research Fellow in Molecular Biosciences, University of Ulster

- 2002-2005 Research Associate in Cancer & Ageing, University of Ulster

- 1999-2002 Research Officer in Cancer & Ageing, University of Ulster

Teaching & Learning Activities

Subject Areas: Haematology, Transfusion Science, Oncology, Human Molecular Genetics, Public Engagement in Science, BMS DPP Placement Tutor.

Research Interests

Cancer, stem cells, microRNAs, DNA repair, epigenetics.

McKenna, Declan Dr


Dr Declan McKenna
Lecturer in Haematology
Biomedical Sciences Research Institute


Room W1043
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Ulster
Coleraine campus
Cromore Road
Co. Londonderry
BT52 1SA

phone: +44 28 70124356

McKenna, Declan Dr - Publications

Number of items: 14.

McKenna, Declan J, Patel, Daksha and McCance, Dennis J. (2013) miR-24 and miR-205 expression is dependent on HPV onco-protein expression in keratinocytes. Virology, 448. pp. 210-216.

McKenna, Declan J, Doherty, Bernadette, Downes, Stephen, McKeown, SR and McKelvey-Martin, Valerie J (2012) Use of the Comet-FISH Assay to Compare DNA Damage and Repair in p53 and hTERT Genes following Ionizing Radiation. PLoS ONE, 7 (11). pp. e49364.

Watson, Jenny A, McKenna, Declan J, Maxwell, Perry, Diamond, James, Arthur, Ken, McKelvey-Martin, Valerie J and Hamilton, Peter W (2010) Hyperacetylation in prostate cancer induces cell cycle aberrations, chromatin reorganization and altered gene expression profiles. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 14 (6b). pp. 1668-1682 .

McKenna, DJ, McDade, SS, Patel, D and McCance, DJ (2010) MicroRNA 203 Expression in Keratinocytes Is Dependent on Regulation of p53 Levels by E6. Journal of Virology, 84 (20). pp. 10644.

McKelvey-Martin, Valerie J and McKenna, Declan J (2009) Chapter 6. Development and Applications of the Comet -FISH Assay for the Study of Damage and Repair. In: The Comet Assay in Toxicology. The Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 129-150. ISBN 978-0-85404-199-2

McKenna, Declan J, McKeown, Stephanie and McKelvey-Martin, Valerie (2008) Potential use of the comet assay in the clinical management of cancer. MUTAGENESIS, 23 (3). pp. 183-190.

Rajab, Nor F, McKenna, Declan J, Diamond, Jim, Williamson, Kate, Hamilton, Peter W and McKelvey-Martin, Valerie (2006) Prediction of radiosensitivity in human bladder cell lines using nuclear chromatin phenotype. CYTOMETRY PART A, 69A (10). pp. 1077-1085.

Heavey, Patricia M, McKenna, Declan J and Rowland, Ian R (2004) Colorectal cancer and the relationship between genes and the environment.. Nutrition and cancer, 48 (2). pp. 124-41.

McKenna, DJ, Gallus, M, McKeown, Stephanie, Downes, Stephen and McKelvey-Martin, Valerie (2003) Modification of the alkaline Comet assay to allow simultaneous evaluation of mitomycin C-induced DNA cross-link damage and repair of specific DNA sequences in RT4 cells. DNA REPAIR, 2 (8). pp. 879-890.

McKenna, Declan J, Rajah, NF, McKeown, Stephanie, McKerr, George and McKelvey-Martin, Valerie (2003) Use of the comet-FISH assay to demonstrate repair of the TP53 gene region in two human bladder carcinoma cell lines. RADIATION RESEARCH, 159 (1). pp. 49-56.

McKenna, Declan J (2001) Expression of the 67kDa Laminin Receptor (67LR) during Retinal Development: Correlations with Angiogenesis. Experimental Eye Research, 73 (1). pp. 81.

McKenna, Declan J, Nelson, J and Stitt, Alan (2001) Advanced glycation alters expression of the 67kDa laminin receptor in retinal microvascular endothelial cells. Life Sciences, 68 (24). pp. 2695.

Donaldson, EA, McKenna, Declan J, Moore, Tara, Scott, WN, Stitt, AW and Nelson, J (2000) The Expression of Membrane-Associated 67-kDa Laminin Receptor (67LR) Is Modulated in Vitro by Cell-Contact Inhibition. Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications, 3.

Stitt, A W, McKenna, Declan, Simpson, D A, Gardiner, T A, Harriott, P, Archer, D B and Nelson, J (1998) The 67-kd laminin receptor is preferentially expressed by proliferating retinal vessels in a murine model of ischemic retinopathy.. The American journal of pathology, 152 (5). pp. 1359-65.

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