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McKeown, Stephanie Professor

Professor of Cancer Biology

Academic and Professional Qualifications
- 2000: CBiol MIBiol, Institute of Biology
- 1989: Advanced Diploma in Further Education, (Part 1), University of Ulster
- 1977: PhD, Queen’s University Belfast
- 1977: MA (oxon)
- 1973: BA (2:1), Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, (Oxon)

Career History
- 1991 - Present: Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Reader / Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences
- 1989 - 1991: Research Fellow, Queens University of Belfast
- 1988 - 1989: Lecturer in Biological Sciences, Belfast College of Technology
- 1981 - 1988: Career Break
- 1980 - 1981: Research Fellow, Queens University of Belfast
- 1974 - 1980: Biochemist/Senior Biochemist, Dept. of Neuropathology, RVH, Belfast
- 1973- 1974: Research Assistant, Dept. of Neuropathology, Queen’s University of Belfast

McKeown, Stephanie Professor


McKeown, Stephanie Professor - Publications

Number of items: 65.

Nesbitt, Heather, Byrne, Niall M., Williams, S. Nicole, Ming, Louise, Worthington, Jenny, Errington, Rachel J., Patterson, Laurence H., Smith, Paul J., McKeown, Stephanie and McKenna, Declan (2016) Targeting Hypoxic Prostate Tumors Using the Novel Hypoxia-Activated Prodrug OCT1002 Inhibits Expression of Genes Associated with Malignant Progression. Clinical Cancer Research, 2016.

Nesbitt, Heather, Byrne, Niall, Ming, Louise, Worthington, Jenny, Errington, Rachel, Patterson, Laurence, Smith, Paul, McKeown, Stephanie and McKenna, Declan (2016) Targeting hypoxic prostate tumours using the novel hypoxia-activated prodrug OCT1002 inhibits expression of genes associated with malignant expression. Ulster Medical Journal, 86 (1). pp. 11-11.

Byrne, NM, Nesbitt, Heather, Ming, L, McKeown, Stephanie, Worthington, Jenny and McKenna, Declan (2016) Androgen deprivation in LNCaP prostate tumour xenografts induces vascular changes and hypoxic stress, resulting in promotion of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. British Journal of Cancer, epub.

Nesbitt, Heather, byrne, niall, Worthington, Jenny, McKeown, Stephanie and McKenna, Declan (2015) Targeting hypoxia in prostate cancer cells to increase treatment efficacy. Ulster Medical Journal, 84 (3). pp. 209-210.

Smith, Paul, Wiltshire, Marie, Nesbitt, Heather, Byrne, Niall, Ming, Louise, McKenna, Declan, Worthington, Jenny, McKeown, Stephanie, Patterson, Laurence and Errington, Rachel (2015) Cytometry of Anticancer Prodrug OCT1002 Activation and Targeting Using In Vitro and In Vivo Models of Tumour Hypoxia. In: CYTO 2015, the 30th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry, Glasgow,Scotland. International Society for Advancement of Cytometry. 128

O'Donovan, Katie, Nesbitt, Heather, McKeown, Stephanie, Camac, Nicole and McKenna, Declan (2015) Characterization of 22RV1-Luc xenograft response to androgen-deprivation therapy.. In: 2015 Keystone Symposia Conference E3: Hypoxia: From Basic Mechanisms to Therapeutics, Dublin, Ireland. Keystone Symposia.

cochrane, david, o'donovan, katie, Nesbitt, Heather, McKeown, Stephanie, Worthington, Jenny, o'rourke, martin, James, Iain and McKenna, Declan (2015) Characterisation of novel AKT inhibitor in treatment of androgen sensitive prostate cancer. In: Irish Association for Cancer Research 2015, Limerick. Irish Association for Cancer Research.

Nesbitt, Heather, Browne, Gillian, O'Donovan, Katie M., Byrne, Niall M., Worthington, Jenny, McKeown, Stephanie and McKenna, Declan J (2015) Nitric Oxide Up-Regulates RUNX2 in LNCaP Prostate Tumours: Implications for Tumour Growth In Vitro and In Vivo. Journal of Cellular Physiology, 231 (2). pp. 473-482.

Rashid, Shazia, Unyayar, Ali, Mazmanci, Mehmet Ali, McKeown, Stephanie R., Worthington, Jenny and Banat, Ibrahim (2014) Potential of a Funalia trogii laccase enzyme as an anticancer agent. Ann Microbiol (2015) 65:175183, 65. pp. 175-183.

Ming, L, Byrne, N, Camac, SN, Ward, C, Mitchell, Christopher, Waugh, D, McKeown, Stephanie and Worthington, Jenny (2013) Androgen deprivation results in time-dependent hypoxia in LNCaP prostate tumours; informed scheduling of the bioreductive drug AQ4N improves treatment response.. International Journal of Cancer, 132. pp. 1323-1332.

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McKenna, Declan J, Doherty, Bernadette, Downes, Stephen, McKeown, SR and McKelvey-Martin, Valerie J (2012) Use of the Comet-FISH Assay to Compare DNA Damage and Repair in p53 and hTERT Genes following Ionizing Radiation. PLoS ONE, 7 (11). pp. e49364.

Browne, G, Nesbitt, H, Ming, L, Stein, GS, Lian, JB, McKeown, SR and Worthington, Jenny (2012) Bicalutamide-induced hypoxia potentiates RUNX2-mediated Bcl-2 expression resulting in apoptosis resistance.. British Journal of Cancer, 107. pp. 1714-1721.

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