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Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment

    All procedures carried out within the University are subject to risk assessment and it is the responsibility of the individual carrying out the procedure to ensure that it has been risk assessed. To aid this process, the School of Biomedical Sciences has recently launched a new Risk Assessment Portal which is designed to enable users to submit risk assessment forms online for approval (and these forms can then be added to the Risk Assessment database). The portal also allows users to search the Risk Assessments (Procedures), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Protocols currently held on the database.

    For all processes, Form RA1-BMS must be completed. This form can be downloaded from the forms tab within the portal. If the procedure involves substances hazardous to health, RA3-BMS must be filled out and an MSDS attached for each substance. If the procedure involves display screen equipment, RA4 must be filled out. There are also forms available for manual handling risks (RA6) and stress risks (RA7). When a user has downloaded and filled in the relevant forms, these should be submitted via the Submit a New Procedure Form for approval by the Health and Safety Committee. The user may also use this form to submit protocols relevant to the procedure.

    Users can also look at existing risk assessment forms that are stored on the database. Searches can be run either by procedure or by research group using them and there is also a list of MSDS.

    The Risk Assessment Portal can be accessed by clicking on the following URL: