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Templates and Forms


    Ensure that you complete the requisite form for the relevant category of rsearch. See Guildelines for details.

    PDF - 60.7 kb
    RG1a guidance note
    Guidance Notes on Completion of Form RG1a and associated documentation
    Word - 52.5 kb
    Risk Assessment form
    Word - 54.5 kb
    Word - 32 kb
    Declaration form for category B and D research
    Word - 67.5 kb
    RG1a Application to undertake research on human subjects
    RG1 Forms

    The RG2 peer review form should be completed by someone familiar with the research topic, but not directly involved in this project.

    Word - 46.5 kb
    Peer Review Form
    Peer Review Form

    It is often necessary or advisable to use separate PIS forms where there is more than one group (e.g. Intervention and control, service users and service providers etc) participating in the study.

    Word - 34.5 kb
    PIS Template
    Template for Participant Information Sheets
    Participant Information Sheet

    A template for a simple consent form is provided as Appendix 4 within the RG1a guidance notes above. It may be necessary to ask for specific consent for some procedures e.g. to store samples, to retain contact details for further studies, to take DNA samples, audio or video recordings etc.

    Consent Form