Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health


    PHD Student list 2013/2014

    PhD Student Supervisor(s) Project Title
    Syed Ahmed Dr J Dooley Control of biofilm production in pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains
    Bader Alotaibi Dr J Dooley
    Dr N Ternan
    Analysis of surface structures of Clostridium difficile
    Siddarth Bakashi Professor G McMullan
    Jennie Bronte Dr A Hill An investigation of the relationship between nutrient intake and adverse pregnancy outcomes in pregnant women with Type 1 diabetes
    Angela Carlin Dr A Gallagher The impact of walking on weight management of overweight/obese adolescents and young adults
    Emma Carson Dr M Mulhern
    Dr K Pourshahidi
    Professor JJ Strain
    Vitamin D and muscle function
    Michael Conwell Dr J Dooley
    Dr P Naughton
    Transfer of antibiotic resistances between human pathogenic bacteria in natural biofilms
    Barbara Cronin Dr E McSorley
    Professor MBE Livingstone
    Obesity as a determinant and glucose metabolism
    William Crowe Dr E McSorley
    Dr P Allsopp
    The effect of exposure to mercury on systemic lupus erythematosus
    Katy Doolan Dr A Gallagher Visual cues- are obese individuals simply more tuned in
    Stephanie Hodge Dr B Stewart-Knox Psychosocial underpinnings of metabolic syndrome : to explore potential associations between behavioural, lifestyle and socioeconomic factors in populations in England, France, Northern Ireland and RoI
    Emma Hughes Professor M Ward
    Professor H McNulty
    Dr C Hughes
    New approaches to investigate novel gene nutrient interactions in hypertension
    Maria Kelly Dr A Yeates
    Dr M Mulhern
    Dr K Pourshahidi
    Professor JJ Strain
    Nutritional aspects of cow’s milk produced in Northern Ireland
    Caomhan Logue Dr A Gallagher
    Professor JJ Strain
    Dr L Dowey
    Biomarkers for intakes of low calorie sweeteners and sugars
    Gary Longshaw Dr C Gill
    Professor G McMullan
    Functional studies of b-glycosidase activity within human gut microbiota in response to berries
    Nicola Moore Dr N Ternan
    Professor G McMullan
    Small RNAs in Clostridium difficile
    Catherine McGarel Dr Kristina Pentieva
    Professor Helene McNulty
    Professor Sean Strain
    B-vitamins and cognitive function across the life cycle
    Amy McMahon Professor M Ward
    Professor H McNulty
    Dr C Hughes
    New approaches to investigate novel gene nutrient interactions in hypertension
    Kirsty Porter Professor H McNulty
    Dr L Hoey
    Dr C Hughes
    Vitamin B12 requirements through the lifecycle
    Audrey Rankin Dr B Stewart-Knox
    Professor JJ Strain
    Factors determining uptake and effectiveness of personalised nutritional interventions
    Conall Strain Dr E McSorley
    Dr V Naughton
    Balkis Talip Dr J Dooley
    Joshua Todd Dr P Magee
    Dr E McSorley
    Dr K Pourshahidi
    Vitamin D and Athletes
    Ruth Weir Dr K Pourshahidi
    Professor JJ Strain
    Evaluation of the potential of cow’s milk to increase the dietary vitamin D intake among Northern Ireland consumers
    Placement Student Supervisor(s) Project Title
    Elizabeth Corbett Dr M Mulhern
    Dr A Yeates
    Seychelles Child Development Study Nutrition Cohort 2
    Kayla Farren Mrs P Douglas Working with Nutrition and Diet Resources UK
    Beth Getty Dr H McCarthy Children’s Nutrition Survey
    Ashley Gilkinson Dr K Pourshahidi
    Dr M Mulhern
    Vitamin D and Cow’s Milk
    Catherine King Dr C Hughes
    Mary McCarron Dr J Dooley Rapid detection of Legionella in water samples
    Catherine Rosborough Dr C Hughes
    Stacey Stevenson Dr P Allsopp