Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health

Year 2009

    Ulster Technician Hits All the Right Notes

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    University of Ulster technician turned singer has been named winner of the Vocal Album of the Year Award by the world’s biggest Irish music internet site.

    Maranna McCloskey, from the School of Biomedical Sciences, has just released her new album At Last in Ireland and America.

    The album, which features mainly traditional Irish music with a contemporary feel, marks the development of Maranna’s solo career as both a writer and performer.

    University of Ulster Leads Fight Against Bone Disease

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    University of Ulster researchers are opening up a new front in the battle against osteoporosis, the crippling bone disease that strikes as people grow older.

    Ulster has established a state-of-the-art bone health research unit which is helping power a ground-breaking cross-border survey of 6,000 people.

    Babies At Risk From Mothers’ Vitamin D Deficiency

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    Pregnant women need to pay closer attention to the vitamin D levels in their diet, University of Ulster researchers have discovered.

    Researchers from the Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) carried out a study on 99 expectant mothers and tested them at three separate times during their pregnancy.

    Ulster Research Investigates Obesity and Psychological Well-Being

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    A University of Ulster researcher has teamed up with a World Health Organisation Centre of Excellence to explore possible links between obesity, body fat distribution and stress as part of a new study based in the ‘diabetes capital of the world’ – India.