Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health

Year 2012

    Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship for Leading Nutrition Scientist

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    Leading nutritionist Professor Barbara Livingstone was today awarded a Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship by the University of Ulster. Professor Livingstone’s research outputs have directly influenced global policy on nutrition and obesity. Many of her outputs have informed and impacted on international research methodology, particularly in the area of nutrition and obesity research, but also research-led nutritional education.

    Julie Wallace Memorial Professorial Lecture

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    Memorial Professorial Lecture was held on Monday 10th December to celebrate the life and work of Julie Wallace, marking her posthumous advancement to Professor. It was an emotional evening for all but we hope that it was a fitting tribute to a dear friend and colleague who was respected by so many. She is sadly missed by us all.

    Advert for Professor of Human Nutrition (2 Posts)

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    To further develop and sustain human nutrition research, the University wishes to appoint two outstanding Professors of Human Nutrition.

    Annual Dairy Council Nutrition Lecture

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    This year’s Annual Dairy Council Lecture was delivered by Professor Ian A Macdonald, University of Nottingham on "New Insights into Dietary Aspects of Energy Balance and Obesity".

    5th December 2012: 19:00 - 20:15 Lecture Theatre 8, Coleraine campus

    Nutrients in Fish Can Boost Brain Development

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    The advice given to pregnant women over the consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids should be reconsidered after an international research project involving University of Ulster scientists suggested that polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish could actually be beneficial for child development.

    Ulster Nutrition Research Helping to Shape Health Policies in China

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    University of Ulster research in human nutrition is helping to shape health policies at home and abroad.

    We Are What We Eat

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    University of Ulster scientists investigating the strong association between diet and disease met at Ulster’s Coleraine campus this week to review research and map out future priorities.

    Paper of the Month

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    The Nutrition Society has just launched a new feature ‘Paper of the month’, whereby a recently accepted paper from a Society journal, published on Cambridge Journals Online is made freely available for a limited period.

    Paper of the month goes to Gemma Faulkner and colleagues at the University of Ulster.

    Major UK Accolade for Ulster Nutrition Scientist

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    Sean Strain, Professor of Human Nutrition and Director of the Northern Ireland Centre for Food & Health (NICHE) on the Coleraine campus, is to receive the coveted annual British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Prize. The award is in recognition of his leadership and research of outstanding merit related to human nutrition, food and health.

    Ulster Scientists Showcase Vitamin D Research

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    Scientists from both the Northern Ireland Centre for Food & Health (NICHE) and the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI) at the University of Ulster have held a ‘think tank’ at the Coleraine campus to review their Vitamin D research to date and map out priorities for future research projects.

    University of Ulster Research Reveals Vitamin Link to Curbing Blood Pressure

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    University of Ulster nutrition experts say that one in ten people in Northern Ireland, depending on their genes, could significantly lower their blood pressure and, in turn, their risk of heart disease and stroke by increasing their intake of vitamin B2, which is found in dairy products.

    Experts Probe Irish Paralympians’ Vitamin D Levels

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    A number of Irish paralympic athletes have been found to be low in vitamin D – a vital component for healthy bones – new research by the University of Ulster has revealed.

    A number of Irish paralympic athletes have been found to be low in vitamin D – a vital component for healthy bones – new research by the University of Ulster has revealed.

    The paralympians, some of whom are taking part in this week’s 2012 Games, were among 84 elite Irish athletes tested in the study.

    Research on the anticancer activity of Irish seaweed wins first prize at the international NutraMara conference held in Dublin 25-26th April 2012

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    A study conducted by Ms Sonja Nitecki, a PhD student within the Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) at the University of Ulster won joint first prize at the international ‘NutraMara’ conference which was held in Dublin on the 25-26th April 2012.

    Master Class in Nutrition Series

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    So Much Knowledge, So Little Change: Enhancing Our Ability to Persuade the Public to Respond to Evidence Based Recommendations for Nutrition and Physical Activity

    Date: 8-9 March 2012 Time: 9.30 am - 2.15 pm Venue: H215, University of Ulster, Coleraine Campus

    Seminar: ‘Mandatory or voluntary folic acid fortification of bread: the NZ story’

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    By: Professor Murray Skeaff (University of Otago, New Zealand)

    On: Tuesday 10 July 2012

    At: 12-1pm

    In: W0010, Centre for Molecular Biosciences

    All Welcome

    Congratulations to Rosie Reilly

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    Congratulations to Rosie Reilly, PhD student from NICHE, who scored the highest mark for an Oral Communication at the Nutrition Society Meeting, with her abstract ‘MTHFR 677 TT genotype and folate requirements for preventing neural tube defects: is there a case for personalised nutrition?’. She was presented with a cheque for £100 at the Summer Meeting Gala Dinner held in June at Belfast City Hall.

    Student wins McCrea-Leebody Science Award

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    Year 1 BSc Hons Food & Nutrition student Miss Grace Dempsey is one of just four students in the Faculty of Life & Health Sciences to receive the 2011-12 McCrea-Leebody Science Award.

    Master Class in Nutrition Series

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    Food Safety: challenges in risk assessment, management & communication

    Date: 20-21 June 2012

    This 1½ day master class will be delivered by Hans Verhagen (Visiting Professor, RIVM Bilthoven), a leading expert in the area of food toxicology and food safety, together with Dr Barbara Stewart-Knox from NICHE. The purpose of this master class is to provide participants with an understanding of risk assessment of foods and nutrition, and to provide insight as to how various stakeholders can work to improve the assessment and management of food safety risk.