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Dr Phillip Allsopp

Lecturer in Human Nutrition

Research Interests

- Influence of phytochemicals on colon and breast carcinogenesis
- Health benefits of prebiotic carbohydrates.
- Marine bioactives
- Investigation of faecal water as a cancer biomarker

Dr Phillip Allsopp


Dr Philip Allsopp
Lecturer in Human Nutrition
Biomedical Sciences Research Institute


Room W2067
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Ulster
Coleraine campus
Cromore Road
Co. Londonderry
BT52 1SA

phone: +44 28 70123125

Dr Phillip Allsopp - Publications

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Hashim, Yumi Z.H-Y, Worthington, Jenny, Allsopp, Philip J, Ternan, Nigel G, Brown, Emma, McCann, Mark, Rowland, Ian R, Esposto, Sonia, Servili, Maurizio and Gill, Chris I R (2014) Virgin olive oil phenolics extract inhibit invasion of HT115 human colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.. Food and Function, 5 (7). pp. 1513-1519.

Brown, Emma, Allsopp, Philip, Magee, Pamela, Gill, Chris, Nitecki, Sonja, Strain, Conall and Duffy, Emeir M. (2014) Seaweed and human health. Nutrition Reviews, 72. pp. 205-216.

Slevin, Mary, Allsopp, Philip, Magee, Pamela, Bonham, Maxine, Naughton, Violetta, Strain, JJ, Duffy, Maresa E, Wallace, Julie and McSorley, E. M. (2014) Supplementation with calcium and short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides affects markers of bone turnover but not bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.. Journal of Nutrition, 144 (3). pp. 297-304.

Brown, Emma, Allsopp, Philip, Ternan, Nigel, McMullan, Geoffrey and Gill, Chris (2014) In Vitro and in Vivo Models of Colorectal Cancer: Antigenotoxic Activity of Berries. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 76 (4).

Brown, Emma M, Allsopp, Philip, Magee, Pamela, Gill, Chris, Nitecki, Sonja, Strain, Conall and McSorley, E. M. (2014) Seaweed and human health. Nutrition Reviews, 72 (3). pp. 205.

Allsopp, Philip, Possiemiers, Sam, Oyarzabal, IS, Gill, Chris and Rowland, Ian (2013) An exploratory study into the putative prebiotic activity of fructans isolated from Agave angustifolia and the associated anticancer activity.. Anaerobe, 22. pp. 38-44.

Allsopp, Philip, Possemiers, Sam, Campbell, David, Gill, Chris and Rowland, Ian (2013) A comparison of the anticancer properties of isoxanthohumol and 8-prenylnaringenin usingin vitromodels of colon cancer. BioFactors, NA. pp. n/a.

Magee, Pamela, Allsopp, Philip, Samaletdin, Adile and Rowland, Ian R. (2013) Daidzein, R-(+)equol and S-(−)equol inhibit the invasion of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells potentially via the down-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-2. European Journal of Nutrition, TBC.

Strain, Conall, Collins, KG, Smyth, TJ, Soler-Vila, A, Rea, MC, Stanton, C, Ross, RP, Allsopp, Philip, Naughton, Violetta and McSorley, E. M. (2013) An in vitro investigation into the prebiotic potential of polysaccharide rich extracts obtained from the brown seaweed Laminaria digital.. In: The Society for General Microbiology Irish Division Autumn Meeting Gut Microbes - Friend, or Foe?, University of ULster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland UK. University of Ulster.

Brown, E.M, McDougall, Gordon J, Stewart, Derek, Pereira-Caro, Gema, González-Barrio, Rocio, Allsopp, Philip, Magee, Pamela, Crozier, Alan, Rowland, Ian and Gill, Chris (2012) Persistence of anticancer activity in berry extracts after simulated gastrointestinal digestion and colonic fermentation.. PloS one, 7 (11). pp. e49740.

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