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Dr Leane Hoey

Lecturer in Human Nutrition

Research Interests

- Intake and status of folate and related B-vitamins
- Role of folate and homocysteine-related B-vitamins in health and disease

Dr Leane Hoey

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Dr Leane Hoey - Publications

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Clarke, Michelle, Ward, Mary, Dickey, William, Hoey, Leane, Molloy, Anne M., Waldron, Lisa, Varghese, Abraham, McCann, Adrian, Blayney, Jaine K and McNulty, H (2015) B-vitamin status in relation to bone mineral density in treated celiac disease patients. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 0. pp. 1.

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Duffy, Maresa, Hoey, L, Hughes, Catherine, Strain, JJ, Rankin, A., Souverein, O. W., Dullemeijer, C., Collings, R., Hooper, L. and McNulty, H (2014) Biomarker responses to folic acid intervention in healthy adults: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 99 (1). pp. 96.

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Hoey, Leane, Rowland, Ian R., Lloyd, Antony S., Clarke, Don B. and Wiseman, Helen (2004) Influence of soya-based infant formula consumption on isoflavone and gut microflora metabolite concentrations in urine and on faecal microflora composition and metabolic activity in infants and children. British Journal of Nutrition, 91 (04). pp. 607-616.

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