Nano Systems Biology

Group Members

Professor C. Stephen Downes Professor of Cancer Biology, Group Leader
Professor C Vyvyan Howard Professor of Bioimaging
Professor Werner Dubitzky Professor of Bioinformatics
Dr George McKerr Senior Lecturer
Professor Ana Soto Professor of Cancer Development
Dr Clifford Barnes Research Associate in 3D Tissue Culture
Dr Barry O’Hagan Research Fellow
Professor John Birmingham Visiting scientist
Professor Peter Doyle Visiting professor
Professor Istvan Rasko, Visiting Professor
Dr Kurt Saetzler Lecturer in Computational Biology
Dr Gesa Staats de Yanes Honorary Research Fellow, Neuro-Toxico-Pathologist, Stereologist, Microscopist
Professor Matthew Reed visiting professor
Professor Carlos Sonnenschein visiting professor
Chong Wang Research Student
Noel Kennedy Research Student
Alexandru Mizeranschi Research Student
Olivier Riche Computing Officer
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