Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics

Our Research

The Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics Group members have shared interests in molecular and cellular biology.

We are interested in all aspects of gene regulation from in vitro studies of DNA structural and epigenetic modifications which affect gene activity through to classical steroid hormone receptor-mediated events.

Research builds on current interactions between members in the form of shared projects, studentships, grants and publications, as well as individual strengths in particular disciplines.

One major area of overlapping interest in is Epigenetics and mechanistic aspects of transcriptional regulation (Drs. Walsh, Lees-Murdock and McKenna)

Our major disease focus is Prostate Cancer (Drs. Walsh, McKeown, McKenna and Thompson).

In addition, we are responsible between us for much of the genetics teaching in the School and deliver the new on-line modules in Stem Cell Biology, adapted to Industry needs and which can build towards a PostGraduate Certificate or Diploma. Please click on the Teaching tab on the navigation bar for more information on our teaching activities