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Visual Skills Inventory & Strategies

It can be very useful for parents to complete a questionnaire/inventory about their child’s vision prior to attending the eye appointment. There are many types of these available. One well known example is the visual skills inventory developed by Professor Gordon Dutton and his team at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow.


These comprehensive Visual Skills Inventories for two age groups are available for your use below:

PDF - 218.2 kb
Visual Skills Inventory Younger Child 4-8yrs
PDF - 222.6 kb
Visual Skills Inventory Older child 9-12yrs

We have used the information contained within these larger inventories to put together a short visual skills questionnaire for infants and older children:

PDF - 143 kb
Short Visual Skills Questionnaire (infant)
PDF - 148.2 kb
Short Visual Skills Questionnaire (school child)


The Visual Skills inventories link to Home and School Strategies which contain useful practical strategies when an aspect of vision has been found problematic. Sections of these can be used in conjunction with reports to give to parents and other people involved with the child’s care. These are available below:


PDF - 228 kb
CVI Home Strategies 4-8 yrs
PDF - 237 kb
CVI Home Strategies 9-12 yrs


PDF - 185.4 kb
CVI School Strategies 4-8 yrs
PDF - 188.8 kb
CVI School Strategies 9-12 yrs